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Vicky Victoria's Web Page

Outdated info most likely but it gives you an idea of who I am.

Vicky Victoria
28 August 1983
I used to have a webpage on angelfire. I decided to convert all the info there to a journal. I don't know if I'll ever have another webpage. My previous one had too many tabs and subtabs for various topics.

About Me: Geek, wife, virgo, fangirl, gamer, writer, nerd, wannabe cosplayer extraordinaire. I love making new friends and collecting things (Barbies, coins, swords, etc). Horde, Slytherin, Asmodian, Mutant and Fire Nation proud.

Please check out the communities I am in. I highly recommend them.

action movies, african american, aion, amvs, ancient history, anime, anime conventions, anime music, aquariums, archeology, archery, art history, asian music, asmodian, astrology, barbie collecting, bird watching, bjd, board games, bollywood, books, bowling, candy, cats, celeb gossip, chinese food, chocolate, classical music, coffee cups, coin collecting, comics, cookies, cosplay, crime shows, daggers, damon/bonnie, delaware, demonology, doll collecting, dollfie, dragons, egl, egyptology, erotica, falconry, fan fic, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy books, fencing, fine art, fire nation, flowers, fonts, forbidden love, forensics, geek, gifs, hair dye, harry potter, heroes, het, highlander, historical romance, hockey, horde, interracial, ipad, ipod, jpop, jrock, kinkmemes, kirk/spock, knives, kpop, macros, manga, manwha, marriage, martial arts movies, marvel, movies, museums, mythology, nerd, nikon, ontd, outdoors, paranormal, paranormal romance, pathology, period films, photography, piercings, poetry, pop, psychology, pucca, reading, rhydin, romance, romance novels, sailor mercury, sailor moon, sanrio, scifi, sherlock holmes, sims, slash, slytherin, snakes, sony, spock, spock/uhura, star trek, supernatural, sword collecting, swords, sylar, sylar/peter, tarot cards, tattoos, technology, traveling, trivia games, true blood, tumblr, twitter, uhura, valkyrie profile, vampire diaries, vampires, vh1, video games, videogame music, virginia, virgo, visual kei, vitas, volleyball, warcraft, weaponry, werewolves, writing, yaoi, zoo